School Destruction

On a restless day, 8 October 2018, the outer walls and several buildings of Regina Assumpta College, Cap-Haitian, Haiti, were severely damaged by a bulldozer on the orders of a spiteful departmental official. Enticing an angry mob of mostly men which set out to destroy a beacon of hope for girls education for over 60th years! Forcing the Sisters of Holy Cross to close the school to its more than 1600 students. Read the official declaration of the Sisters of Holy Cross and learn more here about the Sisters of the Holy Cross Social Justice initiatives.

Due to the tenaciousness of the sisters in charge, and mobilizing it’s broad network of supporters local and international, the school was reopened with alternative arrangements 10 days later.

This year the the academic year has seen many challenges between violent street protests, a set of minor earthquakes and operating in a less then perfect building, yet the girls and the teaching staff stay fully dedicated to empowering young woman to become agents of change in their country.